Collection days and areas

Council provides kerbside wheelie bin collections of refuse weekly, recycling fortnightly, and green waste four weekly, plus an annual clean-up collection for large items.

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Christmas Day collections rescheduled

Is your rubbish normally collected on a Monday?

Waste collections scheduled for Christmas Day have been moved to the day before, Sunday 24 December.

Don’t miss this 6am collection; get your bins out the night before (night of 23rd December). If your bin is not out when the crews attend you will have to wait until the following week for your waste to be collected.


2017 Waste Calendars by locality

Effective as of 1 March 2017 until end Feb 2018.

Acton Park 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Bellerive North 2017 Waste Calendar(215 kb)

Bellerive South 2017 Waste Calendar(213 kb)

Cambridge- 2017 Waste Calendar(206 kb)

Clarendon Vale - Pass Road 2017 Waste Calendar(215 kb)

Clifton Beach 2017 Waste Calendar(206 kb)

Cremorne 2017 Waste Calendar(206 kb)

Dulcot 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Geilston Bay 2017 Waste Calendar(212 kb)

Grass Tree Hill 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Howrah North 2017 Waste Calendar(212 kb)

Howrah South 2017 Waste Calendar(212 kb)

Lauderdale 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Lindisfarne North 2017 Waste Calendar(216 kb)

Lindisfarne South 2017 Waste Calendar(216 kb)

Montagu Bay 2017 Waste Calendar(204 kb)

Mornington - 2017 Waste Calendar(204 kb)

Mt Rumney 2017 Waste Calendar(206 kb)

Oakdowns 2017 Waste Calendar(204 kb)

Opossum Bay 2017 Waste Calendar(205 kb)

Otago 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Richmond 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Risdon 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Risdon Vale 2017 Waste Calendar(212 kb)

Roches Beach 2017 Waste Calendar(207 kb)

Rokeby 2017 Waste Calendar(213 kb)

Rose Bay 2017 Waste Calendar(204 kb)

Rosny 2017 Waste Calendar(204 kb)

Rosny Park 2017 Waste Calendar(206 kb)

Sandford 2017 Waste Calendar(206 kb)

Seven Mile Beach 2017 Waste Calendar(206 kb)

South Arm 2017 Waste Calendar(205 kb)

Tranmere 2017 Waste Calendar(212 kb)

Warrane 2017 Waste Calendar(212 kb)


Download a Garbage Collection Area Map(2016 kb)


Some localities are divided

To check which division you are in, please see the information below.

Bellerive North - top side of Clarence Street including Beebo Place.

Bellerive South - bottom side of Clarence Street including Gunyah Street, including Bellerive Bluff.

Cambridge - excluding Richmond Road and subsidiaries and Pass Road and subsidiaries.

Clarendon Vale - including Pass Road and subsidiaries except Glebe Hill.

Geilston Bay - including East Derwent Highway to Grass Tree Hill Road.

Howrah North - top side of Clarence Street to Shoreline Drive then topside of South Arm Highway and Rokeby Road.

Howrah South - all properties in Howrah on the bottom (river) side of Clarence Street to Shoreline Drive and all properties in Howrah on the bottom (river) side of South Arm Highway and Rokeby Road.

Lindisfarne North - top side of East Derwent Highway not including Flagstaff Gully Road and subsidiaries.

Lindisfarne South - bottom (river) side of East Derwent Highway including all of Derwent Avenue and subsidiaries.

Warrane - including Mildura Street, Gordons Hill Road and Flagstaff Gully Road and subsidiaries.



Non-service areas

Unfortunately there are some properties in Clarence that for one reason or another Council does not provide a waste collection service and some or all properties on the following streets may be affected by this.  


Street Name



Denholms Rd



Hanslows Rd



Enfield Lane



Fingerpost Rd



Tea Tree Rd



White Kangaroo Rd



Thompson Way

Clifton Beach


Bolderwood Crt



Downhams Town Rd

Grasstree Hill


Grasstree Hill Rd

Grasstree Hill


Mt Rumney Road

Mt Rumney


Fingerpost Rd



Logie Farm Rd



Murtons Road



Cold Blow Rd



Marengo Rd



Middle Tea Tree Rd



School Rd



Pittwater Road

Seven Mile Beach


The reasons for the non-provision of a waste collection service to these streets (or properties on these streets) varies from site to site and any prospective buyers should liaise with the Council as to whether waste collection services are provided to particular properties or not.

Please note that in an effort to encourage recycling properties where a general waste collection service is not provided arrangements have been made where recycling may be taken to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station at Councils expense. Property owners will need to quote address details when visiting the site with recycling materials and this does not apply for general or green waste disposal where the standard charges will apply.

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