Disability Access Advisory Committee

The Disability Access Advisory Committee (DAAC) was established under Section 24 of the Local Government Act 1993 and appointed in 1995.  

The aim of the Committee is to implement Council's Disability Access Plan.

DAAC do this by working with Council representatives to help prioritise assets and amenities for access upgrades, renewals, new works; and by working on projects and events with the community.  

Current community and Council members are:

Community representatives:

  • Roseanne Hall
  • Jenny Wiggins
  • Jeff Pearson
  • Kathy Buttigieg
  • Vanessa Clark
  • Lee Jordan
  • John Bates
  • Shirley Anderson

Council representatives:

  • Alderman Debra Thurley – Chairperson
  • Alderman Kay McFarlane – Proxy Chairperson
  • Ross Park - Access and Inclusion Project Officer
  • Greg Boucher – Property
  • Gopal Neupane – Engineering
  • Samuel McCrossen - Planning
  • Julie Andersson – Community Planning and Development

Service Representatives:

  • Metro – under a Memorandum of Understanding with Council, Metro attend 2 meetings per year.

For information regarding the Disability Access Advisory Committee please call the Community Planning and Development Officer on 6217 9597