Code for Tenders and Contracts

The Council has adopted a Code for Tenders and Contracts.

This Code has two parts. These are;

  • Part A of the Code relates specifically to the requirements set out in the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005 and includes specific provisions on:
    • tendering principles;
    • open tenders;
    • multiple-use registers;
    • multiple-stage tenders;
    • exemptions to tendering requirements;
    • the process for debriefing unsuccessful tenderers;
    • complaints process;
    • reporting procedures; and
    • other tendering matters.
  • Part B of the Code, the Conditions of Tendering, also forms part of the Council's standard tender and expression of interest documentation. Part B covers the tender requirements, including:
    • submitting a tender;
    • tender information;
    • acceptance process for tenders;
    • insurance and financial security;
    • occupational health and safety requirements;
    • evaluation criteria and methodology; and
    • other tendering issues.

Download a copy of the Code for Tenders and Contracts(67 kb).