Tenders and Contracts

Contractor Induction Handbook

Contractor Induction Handbook(3285 kb)


Code for Tenders and Contracts

The Council has adopted a Code for Tenders and Contracts.

This Code has two parts. These are;

  • Part A of the Code relates specifically to the requirements set out in the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005 and includes specific provisions on:
    • tendering principles;
    • open tenders;
    • multiple-use registers;
    • multiple-stage tenders;
    • exemptions to tendering requirements;
    • the process for debriefing unsuccessful tenderers;
    • complaints process;
    • reporting procedures; and
    • other tendering matters.
  • Part B of the Code, the Conditions of Tendering, also forms part of the Council's standard tender and expression of interest documentation. Part B covers the tender requirements, including:
    • submitting a tender;
    • tender information;
    • acceptance process for tenders;
    • insurance and financial security;
    • occupational health and safety requirements;
    • evaluation criteria and methodology; and
    • other tendering issues.

Download a copy of the Code for Tenders and Contracts(67 kb).


Multiple Use Register of Contractors and Service and Equipment Providers

Council invites applications from contractors, tradespersons and plant and equipment providers for registration on Council’s multiple use register for the period January 2017 to December 2018.

Clarence City Council invitation for applications for registration on Council's Multiple Use Register 2016 - 2018(297 kb)

MUR 2016 Category 1 Application Works up to $100,000(557 kb)

MUR 2016 Category 2 Application Works $100,000 to $250,000(260 kb)

MUR 2016 Category 3 Application Plant & Equipment(263 kb)


Applications may be lodged for registration on Councils Multi Use Register throughout the period of the 2016-2018 register.  

For further information contact Mr John Judge on 6217 9689 or by email clarence@ccc.tas.gov.au


Tender / Expressions of interest advertisements

Tenderers need to be aware of the requirements of the Council's Code for Tenders and Contracts, and the Conditions of Tendering (Part B) which form part of the Code when preparing and submitting a tender or expression of interest response for consideration by the Council.

Council use a set of standard drawings and specifications in its construction contracts. The drawings and specification provide instruction to contractors on standard elements of a design. The documents are designed to be used in conjunction with Council contracts under the supervision of Council officers who are trained and experienced in their application. They should not be used for any other purpose without seeking professional advice:

See tender/expressions of interest advertisements below: