Opossum Bay Structure Plan

Opossum Bay Structure Plan

Council has committed to develop a structure plan for Opossum Bay. The objective of the Opossum Bay Structure Plan project is to develop a strategic vision for the village, and identify a framework for future land use planning which will ensure that Opossum Bay develops in an orderly and attractive manner.

Following several community workshops, and discussions with interested residents, consultants Connell Wagner prepared an Opossum Bay Structure Plan Report with recommendations. Council has decided to seek the community's views on the report as well as an additional Bodega Court link alternative. The complete Opossum Bay Structure Plan can be downloaded here. The Bodega Court link alternative can be viewed here.

The consultants report and the Bodega Court Link Alternative Plan can be inspected at the Council Offices, Bligh Street, Rosny Park during office hours or alternatively downloaded from Council's website www.ccc.tas.gov.au for a period of 4 weeks commencing on 30 June 2008. During this time any person may make a submission relating to the Structure Plan Report and the Bodega Court Link Alternative by writing to the General Manager, PO Box 96, Rosny Park, 7018, or by electronic mail to clarence@ccc.tas.gov.au. Any submissions are to be received by Monday 28 July 2008. To enable us to contact you if necessary, would you please also include a day time contact number.

Any personal information submitted is covered by our privacy policy, available at http://www.ccc.tas.gov.au/ or at the Council offices.

For more information please contact: Dan Ford on telephone (03) 6245 8622.

Update - May 2007

On 30 May 2007 the first public workshop for the Opossum Bay Structure Plan was held at the South Arm RSL. A large proportion of members of the Opossum Bay community and beyond were present to provide their thoughts, ideas and suggestions on Opossum Bay.

Comments received on the night will allow the project team to make a comprehensive assessment of the current conditions within the Opossum Bay and create solutions for the issues facing the town. Connell Wagner and Clarence City Council would like to thank all attendees for their positive input on the night, as responses were comprehensive and well thought out.

A summary of the workshop outcomes can be downloaded below:

Update - July 2007

On 12 July 2007 the second public workshop for the Opossum Bay Structure Plan was held at the South Arm RSL. The purpose of the workshop was to present and gain feedback on the three draft structure plan options. Again, a large proportion of members of the Opossum Bay community and beyond were present and provided good feedback on the options, as well as suggestions for alternative options.

As a result of community feedback, consultation on the draft structure plan options has been extended until 31 July 2007. The options can be downloaded below, along with the Site Analysis Plan and a blank map. We ask that your written feedback be provided to the questions on the form provided and on the map. Any other comments may also be attached.

Following the consultation period, Connell Wagner will review all submissions made and report to Council on the results. A third workshop may be held, depending on the consultation outcomes.

If you require further information about the project, please contact: Claire Lawson, Strategic Planner, Connell Wagner (Project Consultants), Ph: (03) 9697 8437, Email: lawsonc@conwag.com

Alternatively you may call the free information line - 1800 500 667.