Headworks Levy Policy

In August 2007, Council adopted the Headworks Levy Policy. At the time Council was responsible for water and sewerage assets, however since 1 July 2009 these asset classes transferred to Southern Water. For the purpose of the policy please ignore references to water and sewerage assets.

A downloadable Infosheet on the Headworks (Developer) Charges is available by clicking here.

Key principles underpinning the proposed Headworks Policy are:

  • NEED: the infrastructure is necessary for the current and/or future community
  • DEMAND: the proposal places demand on the infrastructure
  • EQUITY: past, present and future users pay a fair share
  • PROBITY: processes will be transparent and accountable.

The Headworks charge is applied to new developments which place demands on infrastructure, proposed or existing. Any development creating additional lots, or a change of use of a property that increases the demand on infrastructure, will be required to make a relevant contribution. Generally, payment will be necessary prior to the sealing of Final Plans, issue of the Certificate of Approval (Strata Schemes) or commencement of an intensified use.

The charge will be determined per equivalent tenement (or household) at the time of payment. Non-residential uses are converted to equivalent tenements using industry based criteria, or where possible, actual trend data. In this way all developers pay an equitable share for infrastructure, existing or proposed, serving their development.

Equivalent tenement (ET) factors are listed in the Policy document and are calculated by applying industry guidelines and actual data.

Charges will be determined to match supply or service zones benefiting from the infrastructure. Existing, proposed and potential development within those supply/service zones will be included in calculations to determine the respective charge per equivalent tenement.

The City has been divided into service Zones for each particular asset group. Broad scale maps of those service areas are available for your inspection, or alternately more detailed infromation is available by asking at the Administration offices.