Lauderdale Structure Plan

This structure plan is a long term plan for the use and development of Lauderdale. It is specifically a spatial plan and deals with issues in a broad framework. It is not intended to provide the level of detail you would expect in a detailed urban design masterplan, a social plan, landscape plan or the like.

This plan provides a framework for actions, some of which may require further project work involving detailed investigation and design, before they can be implemented.

Broadly then this structure plan builds on several important reports and plans to provide a framework for the following key elements in the growth of Lauderdale:

  • Expansion of the urban growth boundary and associated planning scheme modifications.
  • Provision for a neighbourhood activity centre with a large supermarket and associated specialty shops to serve the Lauderdale community and surrounding suburbs, from Acton Park to Opossum Bay.
  • Provision for expansion of the residential area along the main collector linking the South Arm Highway to Bayview Road.
  • Improved movement systems, including public transport, bicycles and pedestrian access, improved connections between commercial properties and to public land.
  • Enhanced streetscapes to provide a high standard of residential and commercial amenity.
  • Climate change responses for public land, including managing beaches as well as supporting development controls to protect buildings from inundation and coastal erosion events in the future.
  • Development coordinated with the supply and connection of reticulated services.

Download the Lauderdale Structure Plan Lauderdale%20Structure%20Plan (1999 kb)

Download the Lauderdale Urban Expansion Feasibility Study(18772 kb)

Lauderdale Stormwater Drainage Assessment Report

The Lauderdale Stormwater Drainage Assessment Report was prepared for Council by Johnstone McGee and Gandy Pty Ltd Consulting Engineers to inform the Lauderdale Structure Plan within the Clarence Planning Scheme 2007. The purpose of the Report is to set out a drainage design concept for the proposed urban lots proposed in the Lauderdale Structure Plan. Additionally the Report also considers the likely impact of stormwater and coastal inundation on existing developed areas.

Council will progressively develop the concepts in this report into a Stormwater Development Plan for the Lauderdale area.

Download the Lauderdale Stormwater Drainage Assessment Report(15157 kb)