Why has Council decided to lead the way?

The City of Clarence has 191 kilometres of coastline and much of it is low-lying.

Council initiated the Integrated Assessment (IA) Climate Change Impacts report in response to community and Council concerns about erosion of beaches and flooding events in coastal areas.

Several major flood and storm events in the previous three decades sparked community concern, particularly in the Lauderdale/Roches Beach area. For example, a severe storm event in 1986 eroded a third to one half of Lauderdale Beach, and destroyed several boat sheds.

Consultation revealed that the community strongly supports solid scientific investigation into coastal processes and hazards impacting on our beaches and dunes, so that we can make informed decisions about how to protect our coastal communities and infrastructure.

With the support of the Australian Department of Climate Change and the State Government's State Emergency

Service, we have received a report that will guide us in our response to the coastal impacts of climate change.

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