Waverley Wildflower Walk

  • Length: 2.8km approx
  • Time: 1 hour walk
  • Parking: Turning circle at end of Lanena St

This is a gem of a walk and is one of many you can try at Waverley Flora Park.

Begin at the Winifred Curtis Entrance at Mercedes Place. Walk up the ramp at this entrance and follow the gravel track (Charles Darwin Trail) for 600 metres, ignoring all other tracks until you reach a 6-track junction. Take the track straight ahead leading to the east and turn left after 15 metres onto the Waverley Quarry Track. This track passes an historic quarry face on the right and leads to a low stone wall and plaque. Turn right and follow a rock-bordered track to a T-junction, where you turn left onto the Charles Darwin Trail. Continue along this track and walk in a clockwise direction, passing a reservoir and radio aerial on the left. Continue downhill along the Wildflower Track and take the 2nd track to the right. Follow this track, ignoring all other tracks until you reach a junction marked by boulders.

From here you can walk 10m to the left to see a pond, (inhabited by frogs during wet periods), then return to the main track (Charles Darwin Trail) and take the right fork to a fenced lookout above the historic quarry.

Follow the fence line to a flagstone surface, and proceed downhill. A track to the left, marked by a large boulder, detours 100m to a lookout with spectacular views south-west - a great place to rest for a while. Head back to the main track, and continue to the 6-track junction. At the junction, take the second track on the left (Mornington Hill Track) and head to the fenced park boundary. Turn right and follow this boundary to a 2 metre high rock wall, and back to the park entrance.