The Eastern Shore - A History of Clarence

The Eastern Shore - A History of Clarence coverPublished by Clarence City Council in September 2003.

Over two centuries of fascinating Tasmanian history unfolds in a new book titled The Eastern Shore: A History of Clarence.

Written by leading historian Dr Alison Alexander and published by Clarence City Council, the 400 page hardback volume traces the history of Clarence from before the time of European settlement to the thriving city of 50,000 people that it is today.

Illustrated by more than 200 rare photographs, maps and historical documents, the book gives a unique insight into the lives of the people of Clarence for more than two centuries.

It includes material on Clarence before and after European settlement, the establishment of farming and small townships, periods of development and depression, two world wars, transport, the 1967 bushfires, the Tasman Bridge disaster, achieving city status, the fight against amalgamation and many sporting and cultural events.

The material is presented in largely chronological order and there are many interesting, moving and often funny anecdotes about people, places and events in Clarence.

The book tells of parsons, pastoralists and prostitutes; a con man at Sandford, Lindisfarne's best selling romantic novelist and skinny dipping at Seven Mile Beach; shipwrecks and air disasters, a whale attack off Cremorne, the Prince of Wales and Lord Louis Mountbatten drinking in the Clarence Hotel, and dances at Bellerive to the music of Hilda Sainsbury's orchestra.

Alison Alexander sums it up in the book concluding: "Clarence today provides inhabitants with much the same as it always has: an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant life in a friendly community, with a genial climate in beautiful surroundings."

Copies of the book are available from the Clarence City Council offices and selected book stores for $29.95. For more information contact Clarence City Council.

The text from The Eastern Shore: A History of Clarence is available to download below:

Chapter 1 - Aboriginal people and early European activity Chapter%201%20-%20Aboriginal%20people%20and%20early%20European%20activity (32 kb)

Chapter 2 - Early settlers Chapter%202%20-%20Early%20settlers (102 kb)

Chapter 3 - Farming and small townships 1820-1860 Chapter%203%20-%20Farming%20and%20small%20townships%201820-1860 (206 kb)

Chapter 4 - Development in Clarence 1860-1914 Chapter%204%20-%20Development%20in%20Clarence%201860-1914 (210 kb)

Chapter 5 - Life in Clarence 1860-1914 Chapter%205%20-%20Life%20in%20Clarence%201860-1914 (159 kb)

Chapter 6 - The First World War Chapter%206%20-%20The%20First%20World%20War (107 kb)

Chapter 7 - Transport woes and successes 1910-1939 Chapter%207%20-%20Transport%20woes%20and%20successes%201910-1939 (127 kb)

Chapter 8 - Prosperity in the 1920s Chapter%208%20-%20Prosperity%20in%20the%201920s (89 kb)

Chapter 9 - Life in Clarence in the 1920s and 1930s Chapter%209%20-%20Life%20in%20Clarence%20in%20the%201920s%20and%201930s (102 kb)

Chapter 10 - The 1930s Depression then development Chapter%2010%20-%20The%201930s%20Depression%20then%20development (72 kb)

Chapter 11 - The Second World War Chapter%2011%20-%20The%20Second%20World%20War (161 kb)

Chapter 12 - Decades of development 1949-1974 Chapter%2012%20-%20Decades%20of%20development%201949-1974 (177 kb)

Chapter 13 - The 1967 bush fires Chapter%2013%20-%20The%201967%20bush%20fires (49 kb)

Chapter 14 - Life in Clarence in the 1950s and 1960s Chapter%2014%20-%20Life%20in%20Clarence%20in%20the%201950s%20and%201960s (115 kb)

Chapter 15 - The Bridge Disaster Chapter%2015%20-%20The%20Bridge%20Disaster (72 kb)

Chapter 16 - The history of Richmond Chapter%2016%20-%20The%20history%20of%20Richmond (109 kb)

Chapter 17 - Clarence becomes a city 1977-2003 Chapter%2017%20-%20Clarence%20becomes%20a%20city%201977-2003 (92 kb)

A summarised history of Clarence is also available to download:  Clarence City Council - a history Clarence%20City%20Council%20-%20a%20history (1807 kb)   Words and images sourced from The Eastern Shore: A History of Clarence by Alison Alexander 2003, Clarence City Council.

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