Gordons Hill Circuit

  • Length: Full circuit 2.6km
  • Time: 35-45 mins
  • Parking: Carpark off Cornwall St (near Rose Bay High School)

An easy walk, though steep in a few places, so it has been given a ‘moderate’ rating.

Follow the bitumen track up the hill from the carpark and take the first right onto a gravel track that undulates around the perimeter. After a long straight section (past timber steps) the track branches to the left and heads steeply uphill along the boundary fence. At the next intersection turn left (a house will be visible ahead) and climb uphill, then downhill. There are views of the River Derwent from Lutana to the Tasman Bridge and Hobart.

Continue around the circuit and turn left onto the footpad (don’t take the track that goes downhill). The track becomes narrow and less well formed. Follow it around the hill until you return to the bitumen track that leads to the carpark.

The reserve is managed by Parks and Wildlife Service.



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