Frequently asked questions about dogs


1. Am I obliged to clean up after my dog?

Yes, in all circumstances. Council provides purpose built dog bins in many areas. If you would like to suggest a new bin location, please contact our City Rangers. 


2. Does my dog have to be on a lead?

All dogs in road or road-related areas in built-up areas must be on a lead of no more than 2 metres long and held by the hand of a person of sufficient age and strength to control the dog. This generally means that dogs need to be on a lead when on roads, footpaths, cycleways or pedestrian walkways in residential areas.

Dogs also have to be on a lead in some designated exercise areas. These areas will have signs to show that a dog must be on a lead.

In those areas where it is not necessary for a dog to be on a lead it must be retained under effective control. This means that they must be in close proximity, in sight and immediately responsive to the commands of the person in charge of the dog.


3. How do I make a complaint about a barking dog?

Contact Council's City Rangers to lodge an initial complaint. The problem will be investigated and if necessary the dog owners will be required to take steps to control the behaviour of their dog. If the problem is not resolved, a formal complaint process may need to be initiated. This involves lodging a complaint form and paying a fee.


4. How many dogs can I keep on one property? 

Two dogs can be kept on one property. The Dog Control Act 2000 makes an allowance for four working dogs to be kept on a rural property. A kennel licence is required if more than two dogs or more than four working dogs over the age of six months are to be kept at a property.

Applying for a Kennel Licence Info Sheet(235 kb) 


5. What do I do if my dog loses its registration tag?

A replacement registration tag is available from the Council offices, or by calling 6217 9600. A replacement tag will cost $5.


6. What should I do if a dog attack occurs?

If a dog attacks, harasses or menaces a person or other animal contact Council or the police as soon as possible. Dog owners may be fined following an investigation by our City Rangers.