Sister City - Akkeshi

A sister city relationship between the City of Clarence and the City of Akkeshi in Japan was formalised on 9 February 1982.

Student exchange and official visits to Clarence and Akkeshi have regularly occurred in both cities as a basis of cultural and educational exchange and understanding.

The sister city relationship between Clarence and Akkeshi is based on historical and geographical grounds.


Why a sister city relationship?

Historically the association is linked to the whaling ship Lady Rowena ex Clarence which was put ashore at Kiritappu for supplies in 1831. However, if this is not accepted in the records for "first" or "earliest", Clarence can claim that on 16 April 1850 a whaling ship, the Eamont, registered in Hobart, was wrecked two kilometres off Mabiro Beach, Akkeshi. The thirty-two man crew was rescued by the people of Akkeshi and cared for until they could be repatriated back to Australia. This is believed to be one of the earliest Australia-Japan links.

Geographically Akkeshi and Clarence have many similarities. Both are located on the 43rd parallel and both have a close affinity with surrounding waterways.

Akkeshi is located on the northern island of Japan while Clarence is located in the southernmost state of Australia and both have close associations with ships, fishing and aquaculture.

The Japanese writer Masako Endo, who researched early links between Australia and Japan, was asked by the City of Akkeshi to explore possible twin sister links when she visited Tasmanian in 1979.

The relationship was formalised with the signing of a sister-city agreement at a special meeting of the Clarence City Council attended by the Mayor of Akkeshi on 9 February 1982.


About Akkeshi

Akkeshi is a town on the South East Coast of Hokkaido, Japan's northern island.

The city occupies some 735.82 km2 and has an estimated population of 9,700.

The life and history of the town is closely linked to the sea and to the surrounding farming areas.

More about the City of Akkeshi can be found at


The Sister City Relationship

There have been many regular exchanges and visits since the sister-city agreement was made in 1982.


Sponsorship of Clarence School Visits to Akkeshi, Japan

Clarence City Council offers schools in Clarence the opportunity to apply for sponsorship to travel to Clarence's sister city of Akkeshi.

The sponsorship provides a basis for continued cultural exchange between the Clarence and Akkeshi school communities and encourages the development of sister schools.

To find out more about Council's sponsorship program for Clarence schools to visit Akkeshi, click on the link below.

Sponsorship of Clarence School Visits to Akkeshi - Policy and Framework(106 kb)  


More Information

For more information on the sister city relationship and sponsorship opportunities, contact the Marketing & Communications Coordinator on 6217 9532.

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