Guidelines for submission of petitions

Content of petitions

A person lodging a petition is to ensure that the petition contains:

  • a clear and concise statement identifying the subject matter; and
  • a heading on each page indicating the subject matter; and
  • a brief statement on each page of the subject matter and the action requested; and
  • a statement specifying the number of signatories; and
  • the full printed name, address and signature of the person lodging the petition at the end of the petition.

A format sample for petitions is available, together with a covering note to be completed by the person who lodges the petition.

Download the format and lodgement form for petitions

Process for the receipt and tabling of petitions

  • A person may lodge a petition with the Council by presenting it to an Alderman or the General Manager.
  • An Aldermen who has been presented with a petition will either:
    • table the petition at the next ordinary meeting of the Council; or
    •  forward it to the General Manager within 7 days after receiving it.
  • Subject to "2.4" below, petitions will be tabled at the next available Council meeting.
  • A petition is not permitted to be tabled if:
    • it does not contain the content details outlined above; or
    • it is defamatory; or
    • any action it proposes is unlawful.
  • If the petition lodged is not compliant with the above requirements, you will be notified by the General Manager within twenty-one (21) days after lodgement, together with the reasons for it not being tabled.

Determination of petitions

  • Council is required to determine what action it may take on the petition within 42 days from date of receipt.
  • The General Manager, will advise the person who has lodged the petition as to when the Council is to consider the petition.
  • The Council is to record in the minutes of the (determining) meeting; the subject matter of the petition; and the number of signatories to the petition.
  • The person who has lodged the petition will be informed by the General Manager, of the Council's determination.

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