Council works schedule

Council works schedule



  • Footpath extension – Fairway Rise to Flagstaff Gully Road, Lindisfarne
  • Footpath, kerb and gutter construction - Tranmere Road, Tranmere; Gunning/Victoria Street, Richmond; Grafton Road,
  • Lindisfarne
  • Gravel footpath construction – Cambridge Road, Cambridge (Kennedy Drive to Ovata Place)
  • Gravel Road grading as required
  • Road re-alignment – Kangaroo Bay Drive
  • Road reconstruction – Ronnie Street, Rose Bay; Lindhill Avenue (Chen Court to Lynch Street), Geilston Bay; Blessington Street (Rosemount Lane to Blandford Street), South Arm
  • Car park and drainage improvements – Lindisfarne Oval car park
  • Reseal preparation – High Street and South Street, Bellerive;
  • Nietta Street, Henley Street, Milford Street, Manly Avenue and Beach Road, Lindisfarne
  • Road intersection upgrade – Alma Street and Cambridge Street, Bellerive
  • Car park construction – Bellerive Beach Park, Derwent Street, Bellerive
  • Pothole repairs – Rose Bay, Lindisfarne, Risdon Vale, Geilston Bay.


  • Ongoing cleaning of open drains
  • Stormwater outfall construction – King Street, Bellerive
  • Stormwater pipe upgrade – South Street, Bellerive.

Parks and Reserves

  • Little Athletics field facilities and access road - Clarence High School Oval
  • Service locations and relocations in Charles Hand Park for new Skate Park
  • Rehabilitation of ovals prior to seasonal change of sports.