Infrastructure services

Damage reporting

Routine maintenance

Council conducts a routine maintenance program on roads and footpaths, in parks and gardens, on tracks and cycleways and the like. However, if you see something that needs attention, please contact us.


Vandalism should be the concern of all residents and ratepayers as the cost of making good the damage is borne by the community.

You can assist by reporting to Police any act of vandalism you see occurring and by reporting any damage to Council property by contacting Clarence City Council.


Roads and transport

Council has the responsibility to provide and maintain local roads, bridges, cycle ways, footpaths, public parking areas, street-lighting and traffic management systems within the City.

The installation of any traffic control devices such as speed humps, line marking and traffic signs also requires the approval of the State Government.

There are also a number of State Government roads within the City that are managed by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER). They are:

  • South Arm Highway
  • Tasman Highway
  • Grasstree Hill Road
  • East Derwent Highway
  • Richmond Road
  • Cambridge Road (Tasman Road interchange to Richmond Road)
  • Colebrook Road
  • Tea Tree Road
  • Fingerpost Road

For information concerning State roads contact 1300 135 513 or visit the DIER website:

Safer Rural Roads Strategy - Tasmanian Government - Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources



Council maintains and upgrades stormwater drainage and flood mitigation sytems which are designed for various drainage catchment areas.

Where stormwater mains are located outside the property boundary, Council is responsible for maintenance to the first inspection opening inside the property. Please contact Clarence City Council to report any problems with Council's section of the stormwater.

Where the stormwater main is located within the property boundary, Council is responsible for the maintenance of the mains only.

Blockages in other stormwater /house drains are the property owner's responsibility