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Digital cameras will be used to collect images

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A new project is underway which will provide improved insight and understanding into ageing and what different age groups need.

The project is a partnership with Dr Peta Cook from the University of Tasmania and the Clarence City Council, thanks to crucial funding from the Clarence City Council, the Tasmanian Community Fund, an independent Fund which supports and strengthens Tasmanian communities by distributing funds to these communities, and the Tasmanian Government through a Liveable Communities Grant.

It is a unique project that involves two age groups of volunteers who will interact at different stages of the project through letter writing and the sharing of photographs.

Through the study sociologist, Dr Cook, hopes to learn more about how young (13-19 years of age) and older (65+ years) people interpret what it means to 'live' in the City of Clarence, and how those groups can be better supported in the future.

Each volunteer will be asked to take photos to demonstrate what living in Clarence means to them. They will then discuss their findings with Dr Cook, and will later share their images with other in the project. The project will result in exhibitions of the photographs to share the findings with the wider community.



The project is now underway with a crucial stage, the recruitment of volunteer participants in the program. 

A group of about 40 people, 20 from each age group, who live in the City of Clarence are needed to make the project a success.

The recruitment process is open now through to July 2018, but the sooner participants can get involved, the better.

To learn more you can find the participation information sheet below. Written consent is required.

Intergenerational Project information sheet and consent form(197 kb)


You can also contact Dr Peta Cook directly on (03)6324-3545 or If you think you'd would like to participate, lodge your interest!

Those who do get involved are expected to benefit in a number of ways, from new creative outlets, improved intergenerational interaction to the public exhibition of their work.

You can read the full media release on the introducing the project, and the start of the recruitment process here.


Dr Peta Cook 

Dr Peta Cook

"I am a sociologist employed at the University of Tasmania. As a sociologist, I am interested in how our society works and the barriers that prevent social equality. This includes my concerns about ongoing discrimination that individuals face," said Dr Cook.

"My main focus is prejudice that is exercised towards individuals based on their age, which is known as ageism.

"I have been concerned about the social prevalence of ageism, and the stereotypes and myths of older age, for decades.

"Through my research, I am exploring ways to challenge ageism in our community. Intergenerational relationships are one way that communities can start to understand ageing, and to bring awareness and understanding across generational groups."


Dr Cook has worked in this area for a significant time, and her previous work has led to this new project. In 2015, Dr Cook undertook a project in Launceston exploring how older people perceived and experienced their ageing.

You can find out more about Dr Cook's professional profile at the University of Tasmania here.

To do this, she gave older people cameras to photograph what was significant and important to them. Dr Cook then interviewed them on their photographs to gain deeper meaning. In total, sixteen participants shared  over 1,000 photographs, which have been shared with the community in over 20 exhibitions.

It was this project that gave her the inspiration to expand it further by examining ageing from the perspectives of older and younger people, and to explore how this can create intergenerational understandings. The City of Clarence is thrilled to partner with Dr Cook on this project.


"The City of Clarence is a national leader in being an age friendly city, with their efforts being recognised by being listed as an Age Friendly City by the World Health Organization," said Dr Cook.

"The Clarence City Council are keen to not only retain this status, but to deepen their understanding of an age friendly city from the perspective of the community.

This makes the Clarence City Council an excellent partner for this project. I strongly believe our communities need to be informed by those who live in them, so I am excited to lead this project and to work with people living in the City of Clarence to create meaningful outcomes."


Closing Date for Recruitment: 31 July, 2018, unless participant positions are filled sooner.

 Intergenerational Project - recruitment poster - 13 & 65 plus age groups