Annual Hard Waste Collection


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The Annual Hard Waste Collection dates are now available on the ‘My Local’ app. If you already have the app, you may need to reset your home address in settings to enable the hard waste information and notifications.


How to use this service

During November 2017 on the 1st greenwaste collection day of November for your general area, put your items out on the nature strip neatly next to, but at least 1 metre from your wheelie bins. To confirm the collection day please check the following link Collection days and areas. These items should not be placed out until the evening before your collection day and at latest prior to 6.00am on your collection day.

This is a chance to put out large items of rubbish which cannot normally be collected through Council’s wheelie bin service.

The items should fit within an area 2 metres wide by 2 metres deep and stand no more than a metre high (4m3). The items must be able to be easily lifted onto a truck by two people.

This Council service is free to residents who receive a Council garbage collection service and is intended for the collection of large items such as:

  • Furniture
    • Mattresses
    • Household appliances
    • Junk – bric-a-brac
    • White goods
    • Electronic waste (E-Waste)
    • Timber (max 1.5m in length)

Rural Residential areas, which do not receive the greenwaste service will receive the Annual Hard Waste Collection service. See locations below for dates in your location.

Collection commences at 6.00am and all items that comply should be collected by the end of the day.

Don’t be concerned if only some of your items are collected at one time. There will be a series of different trucks each collecting different items at different times throughout the day.


Suburb and collection date

Also see Collection days and areas.

  • Acton Park – Friday 11 November
  • Bellerive North – Wednesday 2 November
  • Bellerive South – Wednesday 16 November
  • Cambridge – Friday 25 November
  • Clarendon Vale & Pass Rd – Tuesday 1 November
  • Clifton Beach – Friday 4 November
  • Cremorne – Friday 4 November
  • Dulcot – Monday 7 November
  • Geilston Bay – Monday 14 November
  • Grass Tree Hill – Monday 7 November
  • Howrah North – Thursday 3 November
  • Howrah South – Thursday 10 November
  • Lauderdale – Friday 11 November
  • Lindisfarne North – Tuesday 8 November
  • Lindisfarne South – Tuesday 22 November
  • Montagu Bay – Monday 28 November
  • Mornington – Wednesday 23 November
  • Mount Rumney – Friday 25 November
  • Oakdowns – Wednesday 23 November
  • Opossum Bay – Friday 18 November
  • Otago – Monday 7 November
  • Richmond – Monday 7 November
  • Risdon – Monday 7 November
  • Risdon Vale – Monday 21 November
  • Roches Beach – Friday 11 November
  • Rokeby – Tuesday 15 November
  • Rose Bay – Monday 28 November
  • Rosny – Monday 28 November
  • Rosny Park – Wednesday 2 November
  • Sandford – Friday 4 November
  • Seven Mile Beach – Friday 25 November
  • South Arm – Friday 18 November
  • Tranmere – Thursday – 24 November
  • Warrane – Wednesday 9 November

Trade waste (fencers, builders, plumbers)

Building rubble, including soil, sand and bricks and roofing iron will not be collected.

All other building material, including timber and guttering, is limited to 0.5 cubic metres with a maximum length of items being 1.5m.

The amount of carpet is limited to 1 cubic metre. Individual pieces should not be too heavy for lifting onto a truck by two people.

Refrigerators, freezers and trunks

For child safety reasons, before placing any refrigerator, freezer or trunk with a capacity of 40 litres or more on the nature strip, you must first remove every door and lid and every lock catch and hinge, or otherwise render every door and lid incapable of being fastened. Any cords or hoses should also be removed.

Is it too good to throw away?

Residents that have items they consider may be good enough to reuse are encouraged to first phone your local charity.

The following material will NOT be collected:

  • Asbestos or ashes;
  • All fencing wire (including chicken wire);
  • Any item longer than 1.5 metres (excluding mattresses and furniture);
  • Building rubble including bricks and concrete;
  • Broken glass 
  • Cardboard or other recyclables.
  • Chemicals or liquids, including engine oil;
  • Commercial or business waste;
  • Engine blocks, car batteries, or any other car parts; 
  • Garden refuse/green waste 
  • Gas cylinders;
  • Glass 
  • Items too heavy for easy lifting onto a truck by two people;
  • Loose rubble;
  • Paint, fuel tins;
  • Roofing iron;
  • Tyres and
  • Vegetable matter.


If your material does not fit the guidelines

If the material you wish to dispose of falls outside the above guidelines for this service you must make your own disposal arrangements.

Rubbish can be delivered to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station.

Don’t place material in bins unless you want the bin taken away. All items placed out will be removed including any containers.

REMEMBER: The total amount of material put out for collection should fit within an area two metres wide by two metres deep and stand no more than one metre high (4m3).