Council meetings

Council meets regularly with a three weekly meeting schedule for ordinary council meetings.

Council meetings are open to the public who are welcome to sit in the public gallery. Meeting times are advertised in the daily newspaper prior to each meeting.

Council has established procedures for Council meetings.


Members of the public may address a Council meeting on any subject of concern or interest to the city. The number of people who may address each meeting is limited. Council has established procedures for deputations.

Public Question Time

A period of fifteen minutes for public question time will be set aside at ordinary Council Meetings for members of the community to ask questions relating to Council activities.

Procedures explaining how to ask questions


Members of the public may submit petitions to Council for consideration.

The Local Government Act, 1993 sets out specific requirements for lodgement of petitions. Petitions lodged that do not comply with these requirements are not able to be tabled at Council Meetings.

A series of guidelines has been prepared to assist you in ensuring that your petition is in accordance with the requirements. 

Guidelines for petitions(137 kb)

Agendas and Minutes

Council meeting agendas and minutes are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) from this website.

Council Meeting Recordings

Audio visual recordings of Council meetings are available online: Council Meeting Recordings