Clarence Business Opportunities Prospectus

Welcome to the Clarence Business Opportunities Prospectus.

Illustrating the many opportunities available for investment in the City of Clarence ... a brighter place.

Through our City's outstanding combination of infrastructure investment and sound environmental management, Clarence is able to offer a raft of opportunities to business investors across a wide range of sectors.

Our careful investment and planning allow for agribusiness, aquaculture, manufacturing and the retail and service industries to complement and succeed alongside one another.

Importantly, this approach to development has ensured the preservation of one of Tasmania's best lifestyles, a drawcard that has made Clarence Tasmania's second largest city.

Our Vision:  Clarence...diverse communities working together for a vibrant, prosperous and sustainable city, reflects our determination to integrate dynamic and growing business sectors with a lifestyle of the highest possible standard.

Accessible educational facilities, beautiful beaches and recreation areas, world class sporting facilities and a diverse arts and events program all contribute to our exceptional lifestyle.

We strongly encourage you to be a part of our continued success and look forward to hearing your proposals and discussing in detail the opportunities Clarence has to offer.

Download the prospectus below:

For further information, or to request a hard copy of the prospectus, please contact the Economic Development Officer on (03) 6217 9531.